Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Nifty IT index - Alternate

What we missed and where Warren Buffet and Rakesh Jhunjhuwala scored.

Min.23.6 annual CAGR before tax, from the day they started investing,Just calculate.

Stock-market is simple and is not as complex as you think.

Rule is that if you can understand value of one unit of your currency, you will surely stand to understand where to keep it. in Locker,in Bank, in Deposits,in Bonds,in Stocks,in Indices AFTER understanding the value of one unit of your currency keeping it in above. That's all.But if you want to understand the market noises, you will be nowhere. Our Veda's preach ,understand one's selfness or who you are.

Jahangir Aziz, JPMORGAN , Interview -CNBC TV-18 today, is the real thing happening in Indian Economy

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